Shure PG24/PG58 UHF Wireless Microphone

The Shure PG24/PG58 Performance Gear Wireless Microphone is a low cost wireless system from Shure.  The UHF wireless mic has 10 switchable frequency channels and uses the same capsule as Shure ‘s popular hand held microphone the PG58.  It uses a single 9 volt battery and has up to 8 hours of battery time.  The system delivers clear clean vocals without compromising on sound quality, making it perfect for DJ use.  The wireless mic has a range of 250 feet and is very simple to set up and use.  There is one button on the mic which powers the system as well as mutes the mic. The wireless system retails for about $300.00 making it a very affordable option.  If you are looking for a entry level wireless microphone without breaking the bank, The Shure PG24/PG58 UHF Wireless Microphone is the way to go.

Reliable wireless performance
• Up to 8 compatible systems (across multiple bands)
• Shure’s patented microprocessor-controlled predictive diversity Confident, portable setup
• Up to 10 selectable frequencies (frequency agility)
• Internal Antenna Diversity
• Durable construction Superior sound quality
• Variable companding ratio for clear sound (based on Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding)
• Internal 1/4” antennas
• Microprocessor controlled diversity
• Channel display LED
• 1/4″ and XLR audio outputs
• PG58 handheld microphone
• Bodypack works with headworn, lavalier and instrument microphones and cables
• Multi-function LED indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery)
• 9V battery (included) provide 8 hours of continuous use
• 75m (250 ft.) operating range

DJ BLAK MAGIC Using The Shure PG24/PG58 Wireless Microphone

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