RED BULL SOUND CLASH: Ludacris Vs. Neon Trees

The Redbull Sound Clash returned to Atlanta this past Labor day with Ludacris facing off against the Utah based rock band Neon Trees.  The musical battle, which took place at the Georgia World Congress Center,  was originally scheduled as an outdoor concert but was moved inside due to Hurricane Irene.  Just in case you are not familiar with the sound clash brand,  its a concert duel with two opposite stages facing each other and the crowd in the middle.   Both Luda and Neon Tree had 5 rounds with 5 different challenges from Mick Boogie who was the DJ for the event.  Here are the list of the challenges  that both bands had to go through:

Round 1 – The Warmup: Each band played three of its own songs.
Round 2 – The Cover: Each group performed its cover version of “P.Y.T.” by Michael Jackson.
Round 3 – The Takeover: One band began one of its own songs and the other had to finish it in its own style.
Round 4 – The Clash: The DJ Mick Boogie picked three distinct musical styles, and each band had to perform one of their songs in reggae, acoustic and heavy metal.
Round 5 – The Wildcard Round: Each group brought a surprise guest on-stage.

The Red Bull Sound Clash did not disappoint bringing together 2 artists from 2 different genres and bringing both of the bands fans together as one crowd.

Check out some pics from the event:

Check out a quick video recap of the Red Bull Sound Clash:

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