Introducing the Rane Sixty-One & Sixty-Two

Serato and Rane recently unveiled the Rane Sixty One & The Rane Sixty Two for Serato Scratch Live. The two mixers were unveiled last week at the NAMM show and will be available in February of 2012.  The highly anticipated DJ mixers are great additions to the Rane mixer line and are designed to integrate performer, hardware and software.  I think Im gonna roll with the Sixty Two because the Sixty One doesnt have XLR Outputs but either way both mixers look pretty dope.  Cant wait for them to drop!!!

Here is a basic comparison of the Rane TTM 57, The Rane Sixty One and The Rane Sixty Two

Mixer TTM 57SL Sixty –One Sixty-Two
Price $1449 $1399 $1999
USB 1.1 2.0 2.0
# of USB Ports 1 1 2
Digital Converter 16 Bit 44.1kHz 24 Bit 48 kHz 24 Bit 48 kHz
Outputs XLR, ¼, RCA ¼, RCA XLR, ¼, RCA
Cue Point Buttons Yes No Yes
Built In EFX Yes No Yes
Split- Cue Headphones No Yes Yes

What Do You Guys Think??

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