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DJ BLAK MAGIC - Uncle Luke

The hip-hop community owes a great deal of respect to one of its elder statesmen, Luther Campbell. Known as “Uncle Luke, He was the leader of the group 2 Live Crew and pioneered “Miami bass,” a sound characterized by repetitive 808 drum patterns, chanted hooks and deep bass backbeats.

The group’s million-selling LP, As Nasty As They Wanna Be, spearheaded a movement in hip-hop music, prompting subsequent albums spanning all genres with sexual lyrics and profanity to have advisory labels on the cover. Uncle Luke went before the Supreme Court, ultimately winning a landmark case for First Amendment protection and content considered obscene.

Also the founder of one of the first profitable Southern hip-hop record companies, Luke Records, Uncle Luke, who released infectious classics like “I Wanna Rock,” “Scarred” and “It’s Your Birthday,” was recently in Atlanta to give an exclusive interview for the release of his memoir, The Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City. The irreverent, unapologetic hip-hop legend-turned mayoral candidate and football coach shined light on the book, speaking openly about hip-hop artists being socially responsible, the history of Miami, being black in America, writing the book, reliving some of his glory days, his legacy and his political ideologies.

Check out a snippet from my interview with Luther Campbell:

Luther Campbell - The Book of Luke

Click HERE to purchase The Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City



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