DJ BLAK MAGIC Interview With Toya Carter

On Tuesday April 12, Antonia”Toya” Carter will be debuting her brand new reality show on BET.  The name of the new show is called “Toya: A Family Affair”. The reality show is about Toya trying to hold and bring her family together while balancing her love life as well as being an entrepreneur, author, and a mother.  Toya not only has the new show but she is also releasing a book on April 15th called Priceless Inspirations.  The book is a memoir which speaks to girls and young women facing tough challenges in their lives and the forward of the book was written by her ex-husband Grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne. Check out my interview with Toya to see what she has to say about her new show and her new book and make sure you tune in to BET for the premiere of Toya’s new show “Toya: A Family Afair”.

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