DJ BLAK MAGIC Interview With Nisha Rockstarr

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with female rapper Nisha Rockstarr.  Nisha Rockstarr is Trina’s newest protege and the Miami native is also a member of Trina’s Haus of Pretty as well as The Millionaire’s Girl Club.  Nisha has been on her grind releasing mixtapes and doing features…Check out my interview with her:

Tell us  your Name and any AKA’s you have: NishaRockstarr aka D.P. Jr. aka Nisha Blanco aka The BLACK WIDOW

Where are you From:
Born and Raised in Miami, Fl.

Tell us about your background:

I started off writing poetry at the age of 13, then shortly after started rapping at the age of 15, I went by the name of Sassy T. Later at the age of 17 I met Trina and transformed into NishaRockstarr.

How did you hook up with Trina:
I actually hooked up with Trina through mutual friends, i played her a few songs from when I was “Sassy T”
from that day she made me apart of her family. Here I am today Nisharockstarr.

What have you learned from working with Trina:
I learned that this industry is extremely hard for woman and they have to work 10 times harder than males, stay humble, kill all insecurities, make sure you’re appearance and performance is just as outstanding as your music itself. Most importantly focus on your business!

Why do they call you the Black Widow: Short and simple 🙂 “SMALL WITH A BIG IMPACT” (B/c I’m small and my lyrics are poison as is a “black widow spider” small but poisonous)

What’s the hardest thing about being a female in a male dominated industry: All the guys (artist, djs, producers, engineers, promoters, etc.) Always wanting to put down on you, it’s like dude I’m trying to do business and make music here I don’t want to date you. Sad part is we always exchange numbers on a business note, somewhere they slide in liking you or what not if you turn them down then they don’t want to do business anymore. It’s like yo my talent is what’s important as well as business and making money!

Where did you get your biggest musical influence from: Trina, She taught me a lot of things I know

What’s separates you from other female rappers: My STYLE, my VOICE, my DELIVERY, my PRESENCE, and my FLOW IS UNIVERSAL

Any releases we can expect to hear from you:
Keep it locked to and for any new releases I’m dropping freestyles every week until “Haus of PRETTY” drops their single.

How do you  prepare when making a song: I can’t tell you everything *wink* but let’s just say I get in my zone.  Maybe a glass of moscato, a nice vanilla candle,  a pen,  a pad , a hot instrumental and it’s a GO

How do your life experience shape your music: In every way, I only talk about what I live and experience, the ppl close to me, things I can relate to, and things I know about.

Do you have any other endeavors outside of music: Not as of yet, but keep an eye on me BIG things are in the works

How do plan to sell albums in this slow economy: By keeping God 1st, giving quality music, putting on hell of performances, and staying consistent

Why do you think everyone thinks that Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper out right now: She’s proving it, it shows! And she has a hell of a team behind her!

Best Rapper of all time (dead or alive): DEAD (Tupac)

What  do you look for in a man: Sense of Humor, Funny (im a sucker for a guy that can make me laugh) Honesty (I’m always honest so i expect the same in return or I turn into Miss Crazy Lady lol j/k) A HardWorker (I work extremely hard I don’t wanna outwork my man I want him pushing me to go harder) Focused, LowKey and Laid Back (doesn’t like attention) Not Flashy but is PAID, security, (I can do everything myself but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to)

Tell  us something about yourself that no one would ever expect: I don’t like partying I’d rather be in the studio and I’m a big sucker for LOVE

You killing the Freestyles …….What inspires you to come with so many different styles on these tracks: The life I live inspires me and really I just go in the booth and do me (feel myself know that I gotta not eat but devour this track)

Who are your biggest influences:
Lady GaGa and Beyonce (they both give me life)

Are you signed to Slip & Slide:
No I’m not!

How can people check you out online:

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