Business Advice 101 – Protect Your Magic

dj blak trademark

Here is a sound bit of business advice to all my entrepreneurs out there as well as to people that are looking to start their own business. Make sure that you protect your name as well as your Intellectual Property by actually owning the name that you are using for your business.

When you actually own your name, The United States government protects you and your Intellectual Property legally against any direct or indirect instances of infringement on your brand. You have exclusive rights that protect you and your brand from other people using names that are the same, confusingly similar or from people that are misrepresenting your brand.

A lot of people don’t know this but one of the main reasons that Prince (RIP) changed his name to the Artist Formerly Known As Prince was due to the fact that Warner Brothers actually had ownership and benefitted financially from use of the name ‘Prince’. So no matter what level you are at in your business, it is imperative that you own your name.

After signing and partnering with a major worldwide corporate brand, they saw that it was in the best interest of my company to put some respeck on my name. Having the proper legal counsel is essential to protecting the legal rights of your business. It’s better to pay now than to pay later.

It’s your responsibility as a business owner to own the name you are using in your business. Remember that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and that business is never personal so make sure that you Protect Your Magic like @fadia by owning your business name.

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